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Transformation from DS to ADSO activate failed with dump SYNTAX_ERROR

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Hi All,

Dump SYNTAX_ERROR at program GP_MET_RSTRAN_RULE_TMPL_1 occured when I tried to activate a transformation from DataSource to ADSO. The ADSO was created by using the DataSource as template. No related note found for this dump.

System Environment:

SAP BW 740 SP11

Kernel 742 SP 200


Dump Error:

The current ABAP program "SAPLRSSG" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

In include "GP_MET_RSTRAN_RULE_TMPL_1               ", in line 8135 of program  "GP_MET_RSTRAN_RULE_TMPL_1", the following syntax errors have occurred: The data object "_ODS" has no component called "OUT", but there is a component called "T_OUT".

Source Code:

Line  SourceCde

  110       e_clsname      = e_s_pdir-progname.

  111     ELSE.

  112       e_program_name = e_s_pdir-progname.

  113     ENDIF.

  114   ELSE.

  115     IF l_s_pcla-subc EQ rssg_c_subc-class_pool.

  116       e_clsname = l_program_name.

  117       l_found = rssg_c_true.

  118       TRY.

  119           CALL METHOD (e_clsname)=>(rssg_c_cmpname-loadcheck)

  120             IMPORTING

  121               e_s_pdir = e_s_pdir.

  122         CATCH cx_sy_dyn_call_illegal_method

  123               cx_sy_dyn_call_illegal_class.

  124           l_found = rssg_c_false.

  125       ENDTRY.

  126       PERFORM get_progdir_name

  127               USING    l_program_name

  128                        l_s_pcla-subc

  129               CHANGING e_program_name.

  130     ELSE.

  131       e_program_name = l_program_name.

  132       l_found = rssg_c_false.

  133       PERFORM (rssg_c_cmpname-loadcheck) IN PROGRAM (e_program_name)

  134               IF FOUND

  135               CHANGING e_s_pdir

  136                        l_found.

  137     ENDIF.

  138   ENDIF.


>>>>>   IF l_found EQ rssg_c_true.

  141     IF i_s_pdir IS INITIAL.

  142       PERFORM read_directory_by_uid

  143               USING    i_uni_idc25

  144                        l_client

  145                        rssg_c_false             "read unbuffered!

  146               CHANGING l_s_pdir_db

  147                        l_t_pdirsub

  148                        l_subrc.

  149     ELSE.

  150       l_s_pdir_db = i_s_pdir.

  151       l_subrc = 0.

  152     ENDIF.


  154 *   Do not compare generation status and program name

  155     l_s_pdir_db-genstatus = e_s_pdir-genstatus.

  156     l_s_pdir_db-progname  = e_s_pdir-progname.


  158     IF l_s_pdir_db NE e_s_pdir AND

  159        l_subrc     EQ 0.

Is there anyone knows how to solve this problem? Thank you very much.



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Answers (2)

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Is this happening in one of the rules of the transformation? Could you check that the rule is calling and assigning valid objects? If you can identify the rule, perhaps you can put it in this thread.



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Hi Michael,

There's no rules in this transformation. All fields were assigned directly.



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513912 - BW generation tool: Superfluous syntax check in SAPLRSSG

564541 - BW generation tool: Program update despite syntax error

Is your Basis version 6.1 or 6.2? The notes above may apply.

If not, I'd open an SAP Customer Note with SAP.

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Hi John,

Thank you for reply. Basis version is 740 SP11.

Those two notes are not applicable in my case.