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Transformation design

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Hi all,

I have the following problem:

Users create their own groups of locations in a source system and want to do the reporting on group level.

There is a n:m cardinality between groups and locations.

My idea is to build one InfoCube per group (there are not so much groups but pretty much locations per group).

All data are extracted from flatfiles into a DSO on location level. But the cube should be an group level.

Up to the DSO everything is working fine. My problem is now:

How do I create the transformation between the DSO and the Cube, so that the stores are summed up on group level?

I have a file for the mapping between groups and locations.


Location - Group

A - 1

B - 1

B - 2

C - 2

Any hints?

Thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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Do you want to create report on location as well or not?

IF not, then you need NOt to have location in your cube but only group and this should be mapped directly to group of your DSO..


Location - Group- KF1

A - 1 - 1

B - 1 -1

B - 2 -1

C - 2 -1

In cube ( NO loc just grp)

Group- KF1

1 - 2

2 - 2

Do you foresee any issue with this?

( Hope i got ur case correctly)

let me knw if you have any issues


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1.Any reason why you dont want to roll up locations to groups by doing a hierarchy? Hierarchy is that I could think abt. but giving a second thought it wont work for you as a location can be in different groups. and hierarchy cant handle duplicate nodes

2. The best way woudl be to compound group to location. That would make each location - group combination a unique one