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Transformation between DS and DSO missing Non-cumulative KYF

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I installed the business content for CML, and am working with 0CML_DELTA_CAP datasource. I would like to create a transformation between this datasource and DSO 0CML_O03.

By default, when you install the CML business content, the datasources use the 3.x dataflow concept (transfer rules, infosources, and update rules).

I would like to use the 7.x dataflow concept and created a transformation between the 0CML_DELTA_CAP datasource and the 0CML_O03 DSO. In the transformation, it is missing the fields 0CML_B330, 0CML_B340, 0CML_B360, 0CML_B380 in the datatarget. These key figures are non-cumulative with NCum Value change (0CML_B330 uses 0CML_B331 as value change). The value change key figures show up in the transformation, but the non-culmulative key figures do not.

Does anyone have any ideas why the non-cuml. kyf are not showing up in the transformation?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Brendon,

The non- cumulative key figures are not mapped in the transformation. Only the 'Inflow' and 'Outflow' key figures for the non- cumulative key figure are mapped.

You can check the property for the non- cum KF in RSD1, where you would find the corresponding inflow and outflow kf. If both of these are mapped in the transformation, the non- cum kf would calculate the value in the report in which it is included as:

Non-cum KF value = Inflow value - Outflow value.

Hope this helps.



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can you please give me the example of the report where the non-cumulative key figure has been showed in the report which is not mapped in the transformation. kindly advise.

thanks & regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi. Non-cumulative KF, doesn't calculating in such rules. I think you should check aggregation tab in KF properties, there you could find how this KF calculating. I think, it calculating thru another KFs, such as KF_in and KF_out. So, define rules for this KFs and you will get correct value of non-c KF.

Edited by: Mikhail Sychev on Oct 29, 2009 10:02 AM