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Transferring parameters from workflow to BSP

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We have created a workflowtask which calls a BSP. The task is generated by wf_extsrv (webservices), we have defined several parameters. When testing the workflow the BSP application is started but the paramaters are not transferred from the task to the BSP. It seems we have to do something more in our BSP application. Where do we have to define the importparameters?

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Leo Jabaaij

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Answers (1)

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Meanwhile, I solved it by myself.

In the <b>DO INIT</b> section of the BSP you have to read the URL. This can be done as follows:


ls_iihttpnvp TYPE ihttpnvp,

lt_tihttpnvp TYPE tihttpnvp.

  • OnInitialization

CALL METHOD request->get_form_fields


fields = lt_tihttpnvp.

LOOP AT lt_tihttpnvp INTO ls_iihttpnvp

WHERE name = 'user'.

me->user = ls_iihttpnvp-value.



  • me->user is the variable used later on at the program