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transfer routine help

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Hi all

I have a situation here. i need a transfer routine for the following criteria.

i have three infoobjects which are plant, material, customer and date. i have three records for the above. all of em are same except the date since its a change date. i need to build a transfer routine to pick the latest date record and populate the ods.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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Its not that easy depending on this situation.

Your total records = 400,000

Lets say that you get 10 datapackets with 40,000 records each.

Its very possible that in your group of three records, 2 of them are in datapackage 1 and the third in datapackage2.

Then, the Code that you write in Start Routine will not work because the Start Routine is always processes DataPackage by DataPackage.

Unless youhave more info about how many records, etc, I suggest you have a Staging Area (which means you may need an ODS before your ODS).

I will get back to you if I think of anything else.

Ram C.

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Don't need any routine, update the ODS in overwrite mode and youìll gaet anly last value.

Hope it helps.


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Have tried that already, it wont work since the data in the PSA is reversed meaning the data is reading from down to top and the changed record is at the bottom.

so i need a start routine to pull the record the latest changed date record.

Thak u