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Transactional InfoCube

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Hi all,

what are the ways for loading data into a transactional InfoCube? Must i always use BPS, if i dont want to switch the cube to an normal infocube or are there any standard function moduls, which can be used to write into transactional cubes?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Frank,

transactional infocubes can be filled with data using two different methods: using the transaction of BW-BPS to enter planning data and using BW staging, whereas planning data then cannot be loaded simultaneously.

Anyway, the data from this kind of infocube is accessed transactionally, meaning data is written to the infocube (possibly by several users at the same time); basic infocubes are not suitable for this. I think this is the only proper use of this type of cube...



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Hi Frank,

there are some more ways to populate data:

If you don't want to switch the cube to loading you can fill the cube on basically three ways:

1. With a manual planning layout

2. With a planning function

3. Via the SEM-BPS API (Function group UPC_API)

Especially the SEM-BPS exit function is incredibly powerful and easy to implement. I guess I mentioned it before but with this exit I was able to implement the following topics:

1. Load data from a flat file

2. Load data from one cube to another

3. Read prices from one cube, quantities from another and write the product to a third cube.

4. Set a lock flag on the data for a specific company and period.

5. Validate data (are records from Cube 1 also available in cube 2?)


If you need more info you can ask.

Best regards


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Hi Dirk,

Could you please share "how you have read cube data from "user exit" funciton".

Have you used any manual planning layout for this purpose and read its data using API_SEMBPS_GETDATA.

If there is another way, could you please share your idea here.

This is what am trying to do and am not sure if this the way to go in this scenario.

I've planning data for version A already loaded into planning cube.

Now, at the time of version B planning, I need to derive missing characteristic values for each record by looking into Version A as reference.

To achieve this, I created a manual planning layout & restricted this layout with Version A.

In the user exit function, I'm reading Version A layout data using API_SEMBPS_GETDATA & deriving missing characteristic values for Version B.

When I tried for 1000 records in Version A, I can see a status message : "Number of cells to be formed 21000", "formed cells 21000" etc..

So, If i try for 15000 records, number of cells are going to be more & does this cause any performance or slow due to front-end excel?

Appreciate your help.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Frank,

there is a BSP-like solution that explainshow to load a flat file into the Cube: search in under Service and Implementation for a document named "Load A Flat File Into BW-BPS Using SAPGUI". There is even a similar solution for the Web GUI.

Hope it helps