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transactional backup for every 15 min of sybase

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I have ecc 6 sybase database version on windows based.

I need backup procedure of sybase database.

As I tried it from dbacockpit > scheduled plan. I found the option only for hourly basis. Where as I need it every 15 min. (transactional backup only).

I am using following sql script for transactional backup.

dump trans DEV to "G:\backup\dev.txn" with compression = 4


Is there any other way to perform transactional backup ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Devendra,

I suggest to use the 'DUMP TRANSACTION ... USING CONFIG' syntax. This avouids the flaw that a log file is constantly overwritten.

This syntax is new in ESD#2 and higher.

I also suggest to use WITH COMPRESSION = [100,101]

This implements a new more CPU friendly compression algorithm.

Please see SAP note 1588316 for suggestions how to automate log dumps.



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P.S: refering to the issue of scheduling a transaction log dump every 15 min :

currently this can be achieved only by scheduling four seprate jobs at the full hour ans 15 min , 30 min and 45 min past the full hour (for example) .

this is a limitation which is being worked on - see SAP note  1840337



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Sorry - incorrect SAp note number in my above reply , searching for the correct one

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Devendra,

I hope here is the information you want.

Chapter 13: Backing Up and Restoring User Databases

Improving dump or load performance

When you start Backup Server, use the -m parameter to improve the performance of the dump and load commands by configuring more shared memory for the Backup Server. The -m parameter specifies the maximum amount of shared memory used by the Backup Server. You must also configure your operating system to ensure that this amount of shared memory is available to the Backup Server. When a dump or load operation completes, its shared memory segments are released.

Configuring additional shared memory improves dump and load performance only if the performance limits of the hardware setup have not been reached. Increasing the value of -m may not result in improved performance when dumping to a slow tape device such as QIC, but it can improve performance significantly when dumping to a faster device, such as DLT.

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Hi Devendra,

there are two main methods for backup:


2) QUIESCE DATABASE [or ASE shutdown] with direct device copy.

Both are documented in the ASE System Administration Guide, particularly Chapter 12.

Additionally refer thread for backup using sp_tools

Hope this helps.


Deepak Kori