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Transaction Unknown error in SAP Fiori

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Dear Experts

I've created a tile of type transactional with a semantical object. But when I click on the tile, I receive the error message "Transaction XYZ unknown":



I could follow the discussion with the same issue on, but didn't understand the way of realizing. Do I have to define the target system when I add a tile, and how is it possible to keep it dynamically (because of transport Dev -> Quality -> Productive)? Or is the way I created the tile wrong?

Thank you


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If you afe using central hub architecture, please ensure that you are creating HTTP Destination (Type H) in transaction SM59 on your Fiori front-end server, that points to your back-end server. Usually the naming convention is generic (to avoid manually changing the names once the tiles are transported to the QA-PRD landscapes) with _HTTP/_HTTPS suffix, for example GW_TO_S4H_HTTPS. Once this is done, please ensure that in your GUI transaction tile's target mapping properties, you enter the value GW_TO_S4H (without the _HTTPS/_HTTPS suffix) in the System Alias field.

The error you are seeing indicates that the Fiori Launchpad is trying to access the transaction code locally (on the front-end system) instead of on the backend system.