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Transaction Handling - JDBC Receiver Adapter - Multiple SP Calls

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I have the following scenario:

I send an XML-SQL structure with multiple statment elements (each of them calling a different stored procedure). A stored procedure raises an error back to the JDBC Receiver Adapter in case of error.

Is it possible to have transaction handling in the JDBC Receiver to ensure:

- Commit only after ALL stored procedures where succesful (no error risen during calls)

- Rollback of ALL already called stored procedures in case an error has been risen

How can I implement these requirements in the JDBC Receiver Adapter?

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One more comment, I have found the following info for JDBC Drivers:

<i> "JDBC driver's default is to autocommit, meaning that the result of every SQL statement is permanent as soon as it is executed. This is why the course hasn't had to be concerned with transactions so far, and is perfectly acceptable in many cases."</i>

So I think that each SP-Call is automatically commited in case autocommit on JDBC Driver Level is set to "true". Does anyone know where I can change these settings? Directly on JDBC Receiver Adapter or do I have to go to Visual Admin for those changes?