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Tracing an Application

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Is it possible to trace a web dynpro application that runs in the portal?

If so, how?

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I am attempting to trace the methods that are invoked when a particular

SRM 7 procurment document is eidited and saved in the portal.

I have identified the floorplan application as /sapsrm/wda_l_fpm_oif

I go to its HTTP Service entry and activate runtime analysis under my user id.

I then navigate to the document in the portal through a hyperlink, enter edit mode

and save some changes.

I then return to transaction SICF and deactivate the trace. Finally I go

to SE30 and look for a trace file and find none.

I have used this procedure when tracing other Web Dynpro applications

that do not run in the portal.

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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With the portal there could be a couple of complications. If you are user mapping turned on in the portal you might be getting connected to the backend system as a different user than you expect. If you are on a 7.01 based NetWeaver system, press CTRLALTSHIFT+P to open the performance monitor. The overview tab will show you the user you are logged onto as well as the host.

The other complication is that with the portal you could be getting load balanced to a different ABAP application server than the one you set tracing on (if your backend has more than one app server = common in production). You might have to set the trace on each backend application server.