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TR is imported into production but status in Solman is still authorized for imported

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Hi Everyone,

- Main TR to be released from Dev system

- Main TR to be imported into respective QA system (using automatic transport import job with frequency of 15 mins)

- Main TR to come to Production import queue

- Main TR to be imported into Production system (manually by schedule import job for Transport Request)

- Normal Change Document status to be moved to next "Imported into Production" automatically once TR import is successful (not working)
but in my case, this is not working
Anyone knows how to configure this 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Accepted Solutions (1)



Kindly check and verify the below points with respect to Import feedback in general along with the configuration needed for automatic status change : 

  • Please check the KBAs 2746697 - Active Import Feedback - Additional information and 2635017 - Updating Change Document Status After Import of Transport Requests - additional information, carefully. In principle, there should be a background job SM:AI_CRM_CM_COM_IMPORT_FEEDBACK scheduled for event SAP_AI_CM_IMPORT_FEEDBACK using the SM_CHM user. There is also a step in the SOLMAN_SETUP to configure this job. 

  • Ensure that the correct BACK RFC destination to the Solution Manager system is maintained in the managed system. The user of this BACK RFC : SMB_<SolManSID> needs to have authorizations from role SAP_SOLMAN_BACK according to SAP Note 2257213 - Authorizations for RFC users for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP02 and higher

  • Ensure that the SM_CHM User has correct authorizations assigned for the statuses that you want to move the change document to.  

  • Make sure that the configuration in the view AIC_CRM_CM_ST_CH, is correctly maintained. Remove unwanted/duplicated entries or any empty lines for the transaction type in question. 

If you have checked all these points and the issue persists, kindly create a case and direct it to the component SV-SMG-CM for further checks. 

Best Regards, 
SAP Product Support

Answers (1)

Answers (1)



You can follow SAP Note 2635017 to achieve automated status change after transports are imported to production.

The background job SM:AI_CRM_CM_COM_IMPORT_FEEDBACK, the technical user SM_CHM, its authorization and SOL_CONNECT entry in BCOS_CUST on production are key elements.


Best regards,
Kashyap Shah