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.tpz files naming convention / export from PI 7.0

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When I export the repository or Directory content from PI 7.0 the naming convention PI gives its own naming convention. Starting wit XI3_0 * .tpz

Why does it start with XI3_0*.tpz for we have PI 7.0?

Do we need to change any Visual admin or exchange profile parameter to get the naming convention to PI7_0*.tpz



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The import and export functionality of XI 7.0 uses the expression 'XI 3.0' instead of 'XI 7.0' in all transport screens of the Integration Builder. Furthermore the name of XI 7.0 exports will always start with the prefix 'XI_3_0' and not 'XI_7_0'.

<b>Reason and Prerequisites</b>

The reason for this behaviour is that the transport code and format of XI 7.0 and XI 3.0 is identical.


There is no fix for the naming convention, but there is a positive consequence: XI 3.0 export files can be produced by XI 3.0 and XI 7.0 and can be imported into XI 3.0 and XI 7.0.

Refrence Note

Note 936254 - XI 3.0 Imports and Export in XI 7.0

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