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Total key figures for calculations needed

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Hi all,

We currently have an ODS-object where we have a volume figure and the characteristics 'Customer' and 'Material'.

Currently we get the volume per customer and per material.

For further calculations we would need this volume figure as

(1) a total for all customers and

(2) a total constant volume for all customers and products.



Customer | Material | Volume

AAA | 123 | 60 TO

BBB | 234 | 100 TO

BBB | 566 | 20 TO

CCC | 987 | 50 TO


Customer | Material | Volume| Volume (cust)|Volume (tot)

AAA | 123 | 60 TO | 60 TO | 230 TO

BBB | 234 | 100 TO| 120 TO | 230 TO

BBB | 566 | 20 TO| 120 TO | 230 TO

CCC | 987 | 50 TO| 50 TO | 230 TO

Is this possible to do within the same ODS and how?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you want to do it ODS level I believe you can. Let me get back to you if we can do it in query or not with the available infrastructure. Will get back to you once I have a solution at query level.

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It is no problem for me to get the correct result at query level. The problem is that I really need this at the ODS level.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Copy the key figure again in the query. in the second key figure(copy), change the display name as Total and in it's properties, play with the "calculate result as" and "calculate single value as", to get not just "Totals" but also "Average", "maximum values" etc etc.

hope this helps..


(please don't forget to assign points if it helps..)

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Thanks for your answer, but this doesn't help because I am using hierarchies (and then Calculat result as.. does not work)