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Total is not calculating in webi report

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I am using BOXIR4 and source is BEX Query.

I have problem while calculating sum of grand total going wrong.

Obhect having hirarchies that is designed in BEX Query leavel.

I had two horizantal tables in the report.

First Block: like below

Pls find the hirarchy below in sales Org(I apply report leavel filter to display only sales org hirarchies)
Revenue and Budget are measure.

In sales Org there are several nodes as below

sales org            Revenue    Budget          

    dims              1000       100
    loes                 0           0
  perks                 0          0
     allowance        0         0
      stab               0         0

  Other expenses  0         0

Total Sales Org     1000          100  

I have second Block like below and apply filter for Orgin sales.

Orgin sales   Revenue      Budget
    Coupns      100          100
    Rept          0            0
Total Orgin Sales 100           100
Grand Total       100           100

The grand total going wrong.i use separate block for grand total and also by inserting row below the 2 ns block (but no use)

I apply variable also for each total and then use thet variable in grand total (But no use)

Please suggest how can i get the correct grand total.(Sub totals i am getting corrrectly)

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (1)

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I think there is  problem with context , what u have to do is to create a context  like in first block

create a variable for revenue

=sum(revenue in(sales org))

and the same  for budget

create a second variable for block two the do the same as above .and sum it up .

hope this helps u

let me know if there any issues.

Thanks and regards


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Its not working,I am getting multi value error.


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I think you are trying to show both values in  a single row so try this formula .

=sum(  (sum(revenue in(sales org)) + sum(revenue in(origin sales)) ) in(salesorg,originsales)      )in(origin sales)

this formula looks weird but it solved many reports of mine .

Hope this helps u