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Top N Ranking

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In Bex I have a query that list top N customers with their ranking. In the same query I have a column with these top N customers's ranking for the same period last year. I need the customers that fell of the top 20 ranking of last year. Ranking last year is between 1 and 20 and this year not. I've tried a condition that works looking at both rankings, but when I active the condition, I don't get the result I'm looking for and it changes the ranking.

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Hello Dirk,

If more than one condition is active, result rows shown will be only where both conditions are met.

Try the following:

- On current year rankings, display customers where ranking is greater than N.

- On previous year ranking, display customers where ranking in less than N.

With both conditions active, you should get customers who were in top N last year but not in the top N this year.



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As Aneesh said, You have to define two conditions , instead of using 2 Restrictions in a single Condition.

If you define the 2 restrictions in one condition ,it acsts in 'OR' mode. If you define 2 individual conditions , then it acts in 'AND' mode.

With rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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