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Too much data for searching in the Filterpanel

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Hello everybody,
we have in a Design Studio application a dimension with a lot of data. If we want to search for data of this dimension in the filter panel
it does not work. The data is too much. Is there a way to do this?

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Hi - which version/SP of Design Studio are you using? Are you using BEx as a data source? Please see

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Answers (2)

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Have you tried to extend the values for that dimension? There is a value "Maximum Number of Members" in the Filterpanel, by default it is set to 100... you can extend that number...


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Hi Tammy,

thank you for your prompt answer. We use design studio 1.6 SP2. We will son upgrade on Lumira 2.1.

The link you have sent does not help us. We want to see the suggestions when we filter. We don't want to start the datasource

with filtering.