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To retrieve the older version in production

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Hi All,

I want to retrieve one of the old versions of the program in production, in which the program runs fine, but we can see only the active version of the program in the version management screen.

Can anybody suggest how can we see the older versions in the production system if currently only the active version is being displayed in the version management screen.

please note that the version i want to retrieve is not present in Development system.


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Answers (2)

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You can not do it, as there is no other version there (else you would have seen it in 'version management').

If you are certain that versions exist and you just can't see them, you can try verifying this in tables VRSX and VRSX2. If versions indeed exist, it could be the user doesn't have proper authorization for version management.


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Hi Mahesh,

Clarify on this. How can your program exist in PRD without being developed in DEV and transported? It should be available in the DEV if it was done this way.



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Good Question.

We had this program in 4.6B then copied to 6.2.

Now we made changes in the program (4.6B) and transported to production and was running fine, but forgot to copy the changes to version 6.2 development.

So we still had the old program in 6.2 development and changed version in 6.2 production.

now we made some changes in 6.2 dev and transported to production , which overlapped the existing program.

we want to retrieve that old version from the production which was running fine.

i hope it'll clear your doubt.


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Hi Mahesh,

only in development systems several versions of source code are held (by default settings - could be activated in other systems, too).

If you still have your 4.6B DEV system, then start there your search. If this is already deleted, ask for backup of file folder of transportation files -> here should be a file of the transport request of your old version (but of course you have to guess the request number, sorry).

By the way: next time merge DEV old SAP -> DEV new SAP -> transport to Test and Production.