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To retrieve approver's personnel id for workflow item container

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Hi all,

I have a requirement to change approver's name format for historical data of workflow item container.

As-is: Nick name + Last name (example: Chris Sam)

To-be: Title + First name + Last name (example: Mr. Christoper Sam)

I'm using the function SWW_WI_CONTAINER_READ to retrieve container data details but it returns approver's name, not personnel id.

Can anyone tell me how to access approver's id for workflow item container?

I really appreciate any input/hits/clues in advance.

David Park

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Answers (2)

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What is available in the container depends on your own container definition. Some system fields may also be available there, but not necessarily a personnel ID. I wonder why on earth you want to (and are allowed to) make a program that changes historical data, but that's another issue.

Can you not change your solution to check who executed the work item (actual agent), instead of looking for container data holding the same information? From the user name you can then find the personnel number and thus the name (at the time of approval).

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May i ask what is the input parameters or ... what are all the key fields which is available in the container related to approver id ...

if so , you can write a method to retrive the approver id