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To Restrict number of rows in TextEdit UI element in Web dynpro

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Hi Gaints,

We have a requirement to restrict users to enter 110 charater in one line and only 32 line(Rows) in TextEdit UI element.

I am able to restrict user to enter only 110 character in one line by below properties:

Cols = 110

Wrapping = 'Soft'.

But I am not able to find way to restrict only 32 line i.e User should not allow to create new line after 32th line.

I have set below properties:

Rows = 32

Wrapping = 'Soft'.

Even with above properties it is not restricting.

Need your valuable input so that we can resolve the issue.

Thanks In Advance..

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Answers (1)

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create a simple data element in sE11 with predefined type as CHAR and   max length of 32 X 110 = 3520.  use this for binding textedit ui element



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we have binded testedit ui element with attribute of type 'STRING_TABLE'  so that I can get data in tabular form so that I can Save the text as SAP text document

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  As  suggested in the previous reply, you can have a data element and while reading you use split at , upto any characters and move to the table , then save the text as a SAP document.


Premalatha . S

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Hi Premalatha,

'SPLIT' command won’t help my scenario. As user will enter some statement and if I split at say 110 character (In my scenario one line with 110 char) then some words from statement will get split and that will look odd.

I am able to restrict user to enter only 110 char in one line, it will automatically take the word which exceeds 110char to next line.

My requirement is to restrict user to have only 32 lines. If user tries to enter more line it should not allow..


M Nair