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to much consumtion of ram?

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i installed NWDS 2.0.9 and WAS 6.40 JAVA (only) SP09 on a notebook with 512MB RAM.

If I start NWDS and WAS the swapfile is about 1,03 GB big and the whole system is very slow.

Are there possibilities to lower the consumtion of ram? I think the highest part is in the j2ee server.

Thanks for help,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Andre,

I just want to stress the main sentence of Daniels post: "1gb is just enough with 2gb better."

1 GB is the minimum to work on. Tweaking the SQL server won't have that much impact, for it uses a relative small

amount of memory. Tweaking the J2EE engine into the direction to work on 512 MB (or less) definitely will cause serious problems.

For EP6 SP2, even for developer notebooks 1 GB was the minimum. Switching to NW04, we are just upgrading our dev notebooks to 1,5 - 2 GB.

Hope it helps


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Hi Andre,

1st of all with only 512mg I would expect it to be slow. I believe that 1gb is just enough with 2gb better.

You could look at reducing the memory allocated to the J2EE server using the visual administrator tool, however this may cause problems with out of memory errors causing the engine to crash(remember that J2EE memory clean up stops everything when attempting the garbage collection).

If the option to upgrade memory is out of the question I would look at tweaking other components such as your SQL server install (assuming you are using SQL Server) by default SQL has dynamic memory allocation which in my experience means it always takes more than it needs!

Also shut down any services that are not required which may be running on the OS.

If you haven't already and you have the HDD space for it I would set the page file set on your machine to 2gb.

Hope this helps.