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To Make adobe form Fillabe

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I have created an Adobe intractive form, but when I passing the Docparams-Fillable = 'X'.

It Showing me an Error, But When I am passing 'N' then it is allowing me, but when I open the form in Adobe & I want to save the form it is still giving me an error as the form is not editable & when I am opening it into Adobe Writer its allowing me to save it after showing the error.

Please help me on this.

With Regards,

Gaurav Mittal.

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Answers (3)

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Thank you very much for your suggestions. My problem has been solved. Actually it is a problem of credentials not installed on my server.

Thanks & Regards,

Gaurav Mittal

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Are You sure You have all the soft? As i remember there is a special tool for making dynamic pdf and it is not in the standard package of saplogon. The lisence is rather expensive. Check

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The first step for an offline scenario would be to design a form.The steps for form design are:

u2022Start transaction SFP

u2022Create an interface

u2022Create a form object

u2022In the context link the required parameters from the interface

u2022Finally create the layout of the form and activate the form.

I will not go to the details as this has been covered in by other weblogs

The interesting thing is that once we designthe form assign an interface and generate we have the use of the Generated Function Module which we cna be used in an ABAP program to create the fillable form.

The application program would consist of

u2022Data retrieval and processing : A select statement for the pre populates information

u2022Obtain the name of the Generated Function Module of the form

u2022Start the form processing

u2022Call the Generated Function Module

u2022End form processing

u2022Send the form to the vendor using Business communication services (BCS)

Data retrieval and processing

This is a simple select statement to select the vendor number, name and company code from the vendor table LFA1 based on the vendor from the selection screen

  • Get vendor data

select single lifnr name1 bukrs from lfa1 into wa_vndbnk where lifnr = p_lifnr.

Get the generated function module

The next step is to get the generated function module. Call function module FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME and pass the form name to it. The parameter e_funcname will contain the name of the generated function module name.

  • First get name of the generated function module



i_name = 'ZVK_TESTHD'


e_funcname = fm_name.

Start the form processing

I use the function FP_JOB_OPEN to open the form for printing. What is of interest here is the parameter ie_outputparams. This determines printer settings. This parameter is also what I used to inform the the generated function module to return a PDF file back. Since this is an offline scenario and there is no printing involved I suppressed the printer dialog popup as well. If you want your form to be to use a specific ADS you can explicitly give the RFC connection to connect to your ADS using the parameter 'CONNECTION'.

  • Set output parameters and open spool job

fp_outputparams-nodialog = 'X'. " suppress printer dialog popup

fp_outputparams-GETPDF = 'X'. " launch print preview

call function 'FP_JOB_OPEN'


ie_outputparams = fp_outputparams


cancel = 1

usage_error = 2

system_error = 3

internal_error = 4

others = 5.

Call the generated function module

I am finally ready to call the generated function module This is where I specify thay my form needs to be fillable. There is a standard parameter /1bcdwb/docparams which is used to set the forms locale. This also has a field where I tell the form that it is fillable. Once this parameter is set if the license is available in the ADS a fillable savable form will be returned when the function module is executed.

  • Set form language and country (->form locale)

fp_docparams-langu = 'E'.

fp_docparams-country = 'US'.

fp_docparams-FILLABLE = 'X'.

  • Now call the generated function module

call function fm_name


/1bcdwb/docparams = fp_docparams

Z_VNDBNK = wa_vndbnk


/1BCDWB/FORMOUTPUT = fp_formoutput


usage_error = 1

system_error = 2

internal_error = 3

others = 4.

Dont forget to close the print job

  • Close spool job

call function 'FP_JOB_CLOSE'


usage_error = 1

system_error = 2

internal_error = 3

others = 4.

The fields fp_formoutput-PDF contains our fillable form.

Now that the system has generated a fillable PDF form I can email this to anyone using BCS. The user can than open the form and fill it or save it somewhere and fill it as and when he pleases.