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To load data from HANA Calculation View to aDSO

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I got a HANA calculation view (with 2 mandatory input parameters) and i build a composite provider on top of this view. I able to see the data via composite provider with filter values in data selection screen.

I would want to load the HANA view data into aDSO, as the calculation runs everyday and data is changing everyday, so would want to keep the data in aDSO for comparison purpose.

I created an aDSO on top of the composite provider, with DTP filter to pass the value to the HANA view input parameters. However, i do not get any data.

Is there a better way to load data directly from HANA view to aDSO? If i have to use composite provider way, how can i resolve the "DTP no value" issue?

I am running on BW 7.5 (SP5) on HANA.

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Hi Luxottica Consultant,

If I use dynamic filters for my input parameters in CV (derived from table TVARVC) TVARVC updated through Z program,my DTP is not fetching exact filtered data from CP.

say Tvarvc holds 02.2020,my DTP filtered 02.2020 correctly for first time and then loaded to dso.When I changed my Tvarvc to 03.2020,it still loads for 02.2020.I have kept buffer off as well..If I run CP manually it takes 03.2020 as expected.But DTP taking incorrect entries from CP.. Any suggestions...



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For sure your idea is better than create a datasource over the CV, because in that case you cannot use the input parameter.


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Hi L.A.,

This document may help you for this case:

There's also a HANA ODP source system option which is described here on chapter 5.