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To include BUS2000148 in 0CRM_SRV_PROCESS_I datasource.

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The BWA extractor 0CRM_SRV_PROCESS_I is not extracting object type 'BUS2000148' due to filters applied in the mapping module of this extractor.

My requirement is to extract Service plan items (BUS2000148) also into BW.

I searched but could not find any standard datasource which is extracting transactions of type BUS2000148.

Can anyone suggest their experience with modifying the mapping module to include BUS2000148 also so that service plan items also get extracted by this datasource. Can you suggest a step by step procedure to modify the mapping module CRM_BW_SERVPRO_I_MAP.

I guess I need to include  gc_object_type_item-srv_plan_item as one more OR condition to the below IF statement.

IF ls_orderadm_i-object_type = gc_object_type_item-service OR

        ls_orderadm_i-object_type = gc_object_type_item-service_m OR

        ls_orderadm_i-object_type = gc_object_type_item-service_e OR

        ls_orderadm_i-object_type = gc_object_type_item-service_t OR

        ( ls_orderadm_i-object_type = gc_object_type_item-sales

          AND bw_helper = '2').

Can someone suggest regarding the same and any precautions to be taken to modify the mapping module.

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Any pointers would be helpful.