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To generate Number automatically

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Hi folks

Can you plz help me to solve an issue

The issue is------- I want to generate an internal number depending on the account group of customer

Ex:-If customer account group is Consultant i have to generate number as in range of 1100 to 1500

as 1101..1102..1103... for every new record created the number has to be in a sequence for the specified account group..

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Hi Shifali

You can do this with the help of Key Mapping. For this you need to do the following steps

1) Assign Key Mapping property in Console as Yes.

2) Create one extra field to which you can assign internal number in Console.

3) Assign your range value in the range peroperty in the Remote system detail property pane in Console. In your case 1100-1500.

4) Import the file with your unique probably in your case it shld be account group and while mapping the feilds dont map remote key in destination side to any feild from source.

5) While syndicating the records map the remote key field from source side to the extra field you had created in destination side.

6) When records are syndicated out from MDM it will generate this internal number in the range assigned by you.Untill then you wont be able to see this number. And would only see in syndicated file.

For more details please go through the following link


I hope I am able to solve your problem

Thanks & Regards

Dilmit Chadha