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To AWT or JSP That is my question

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Dear all;

any guidelines on when to go for the UI modelling with AWT or when to use the JSP approach ?

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Hi Darry,

the choice for JSP vs. AWT depends on a couple of issues and is discussed in the standard developer training. We'll need to move this info also into the MDK:


When to use JSP:


Standard UI model best known by end-users

Modern look and customizability

Easily enhancable

Recommended programming model of SAP for white collar apps

Best choice for all modern business PDA

Easy switch between online and offline

Integrates best with other web applications


Requires more system ressources (local web server)

HTTP paradigm not suitable in all situations (e.g. scanners)


When to use AWT:


Full UI control

-  Best use of screen size

- Very good for blue-collar workers

- HTTP paradigm not suitable in all situations (e.g. scanners)

Smaller, faster installation requiring less system resources


UI changes require coding changes (and additional testing!)

UI development difficult*

Old-fashioned look

Cu, Jan