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TMS_BCI_START_SERVICE: Option "Import Transport Request Again"

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Hello all,

we are running TMS_BCI_START_SERVICE as batch job TMS_TP_IMPORT in a training system to automatically import transport requests every night. It seems, that transport requests, which already have been imported to the system, are not handled by TMS_BCI_START_SERVICE. The option "Import transport request again" can not be set when defining the job in STMS.

Is there another possibility to set the option or another way to automatically reimport such transport requests?

Thank you for your proposals.


Bernd Bätz

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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While scheduling TMS_TP_IMPORT batch job via Tcode STMS_IMPORT , it asks for parameters and select last option

as "Select All requests for later import"

"Over write Originals"

"Overwrite objects in Unconfirmed Repairs"

If this does not work, you can use tp commands using uncoditional modes from OS level.

tp import <transporr request> <SID> u<option) e.g. tp import SIDK900000 SD1 u128

above command needs tobe scheduled via cron tab to import automatically.



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