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Time Zone Problem in SAPUI5 SmartTable

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Hello Experts,

I have a problem regarding timestamps sent over by my odata request in SAP Netweaver Gateway. In ABAP the timestamp looks like:

So, in SAP Database the Date 04/11/2016 is saved as timestamp 20160410220000 (GMT Time) because our system uses time zone GMT+2.

When I send these values over to my SAPUI5 front-end to show them in my Smart Table I get the following:

When debugging my OData result in Chrome I can see the following dates:

These dates look good in my opinion. Why is my smart table showing the GMT time? Is there a global setting for SAPUI5 components showing dates in a certain time zone or is this related to my smart table or to the data binding?



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Hi Tobias,

It seems to be issue with timezone difference front end and backend GW server.

Please check this thread for solutionHandle timezone differences between front-end and backend