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Time Out Error: issues with wait screen

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Dear Team,

I have to execute one Z report and wait for the report output and download it to excel. Once I click execute on my report program , I need to wait for the report output screen to load. I used WaitScreen till the next screen loads. But is waiting only for 12000ms(12 Sec) by default and giving timeout error.

I have tried below options:

1. Used Screen exist in forever loop. But screen exist is always returning false even after the screen is loaded.

2. Tried the code from this blog. But this is not working for all the screens(I changed the screens accordingly in the statement $.chorus.Screens.pHomeS1.Load.on() ). Wait on Page

3. Tried 'Set Busy Wait Time (GUI Frame)' in combination with Wait screen. No use.

4. I used Forever loop with Wait screen(in try catch) and catching the exception timeout till the wait screen is successfull and then ending the loop. This looks working , but I don't want to use this kind of alternative steps for all the screens(any failures result in forever loop). I have so many screens in my automation. Also, this may not work for the screens that wont appear always (like Save or discard popup that comes based on some data input)

Is there any easy and direct way make automation wait for next screen to load and then proceed with further steps?

Also, do we need to handle wait screen every new screen , after every action , every popup ?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Below is the Robust solution for your scenario.

1.When you are clicking on Execute Button the Report Program ,U can use Click Sync instead of Click which will wait till Click operation is completed and go to the next step.(As you are aware the steps in RPA are asynchronous calls)

2.Use Is Busy?(GUI Session) Activity in the a loop along with the manual delay of 2000ms and check if the parameter.If is false come out of the loop.

3.Then use Wait Screen activity as usual for your next screen..

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it does'nt works actually