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Three different data sources.

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Hi Gurus,

We have a scenario where there are three different R/3 data sources are used to upload one Info Cube.

Is it possible to control the data coming from those data sources?

In the sense I need certain fields from the 1st data source. But this data source is not reporting the cost estimates properly. We need the Finished goods to show only the semi finished materials and the semi finished need to show only the level lower to it and only when i go to the lowest level it needs to show all the raw materials.

But since this data source is not doing that we brought two other data sources (SAP R/3) tables to do display the reports in that way.

If it is possible to add the other fields to these tables please do let me know how I can do that.

Or is there a way to control what data needs to come from which data source.

Please do give me the suggestions and help me out with this issue.


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Hi Sandhya,

If you need to connect two or more datasources to get that additional data, you can easily do that. The three datasources do not have to be identical. You can simply map individual transfer rules to map the fields in the datasource to the fields in the infosource. For eg the material field in one datasource may be called MATNR and in the other datasource called ZPROD. These two can be easily mapped to your 0MATERIAL field in the BW infosource as the transfer rules are different for each source system.

As regards getting selective data from these datasources, you have different infopackages for each datasource. Set your field selection in the infopackage and get the data as required.

Hope this helps else revert back with your doubts.



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when ever data comes from 3 data sources

at the time u r using ods tables here u can maintained the what ever the updates there through update rules

once the data finalized data in ods then move to infocube

unless until u have facing proble in infocube or query



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Some suggestions that might help you.

1. If you want to merge the data from different datasources before sending to a cube, update them all to an ODS and do a delta update from the ODS to cube. This way you can choose what data from which datasource should be used through the update rules to the ODS. But for this there must be a common field among all the datasources.

2. You can choose to have only one datasources which supplies the keyfigures and you can enhance this by getting all the other characteristic fields through a user exit in R/3.

3. Store the data from 3 datasources into 3 cubes. And then create a multicube and choose only the selected characteristics in the join condition.

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There is no technical issue in your case to propose a fix.