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The upload file name is missing in object page when fiori app is created in SAP BAS using RAP


Basically, I have created an app which can do file upload using RAP. I noticed that when I am using the app created from SAP BAS, whenever I select and upload a file, the file name is always missing although I can see it from the payload. 


But when I upload the file using the fiori app in ADT (via Preview), this functionality is working fine and I can see the filename getting populated.


One difference I noticed is that from ADT, it is calling PATCH and GET in a batch.

PATCH zc_fileupload(Uname='AAA',IsActiveEntity=false)?sap-client=100 HTTP/1.1

GET zc_fileupload(Uname='AAA',IsActiveEntity=false)?sap-client=100&$select=Attachment,Filename HTTP/1.1

When testing from SAP BAS, I can only see the PATCH call and not the GET call which might be the reason why the filename is not getting displayed. I wonder if this is a bug or if there is a special handling/setting that I need to do in SAP BAS.

@Andre_Fischer, would you be able to help? Thanks.

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I can confirm this strange behavior, I have the same problem.
At the first upload the attachment name is not displayed.

After a manual refresh in the internet browser everything is fine.


In ADT preview it is working correctly, but in the deployed Fiori Elements App not any more.
I think it is a problem in the UI5 framework.
I don't have a solution, but i can confirm the problem.
Kind regards, Rupert

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Thanks Rupert! I am trying to apply the temporary fix that they have suggested via github but so far it isn't working for me. Any luck for you? Have you tried their workaround?