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the test package does not point to the correct logical system

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I have defined SMSY logical componant, I have copied project1 to project2.

I have changed within the system landscape of project2, the logical componant.

I have also defined a project plan, and the test packages.

Hence, the test packages still do not point to the logical component that is defined in the landscape...

I must have missed something !

Can you help ?

Thanks a lot

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Answers (5)

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Hi Esther,

In case you're creating your test plan from your project2, access it in solar01/solar02 transactions and navigate to the structure nodes where the test cases come from and check which logical component assigned to the project is assigned to the structure node and which are assigned to the test case.

kind regards, Fabricius

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try following

1 check in smsy the logical component is correctly defined with clients dev qa and prd

2 same logical component is assigned to solar_project_admin

3 Project IMG is generated in the respective system

4 in solar01 check the logical component is shown correctly

5 Re- Generate the test plan once

hope above steps will resolve issue



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I mean, it is already filled, but it doesn't work ...

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Thanks for your answer, System role is filled.

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Hello Esther,

did you check the system role?

The setting should be adjustable via menu line. (at the top of the screen)

Choose the first entry (on the left hand) and open the sub-menu via click. There you should find the option 'system role...'.

Best regards