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The sign reversal attribute of hierarchy and calculate a node of hierarhy in BEx report

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Hello, colleagues.

I can’t understand the simple issue.

I want to use hierarchy with reversal sign parameter in my query. And I have been create formula variable from hierarchy attribute (like it described at this link: ). But then I got wrong result when node amount calculated the same way as leafs.

I try show example.

I have hierarchy:

Node1 (this is text node)




And without sign reversal I get in report with my amount (KF1):

Node1 : KF1 = 200

Leaf1 : KF1 = 100

Leaf2 : KF1 = 70

Leaf3 : KF1 = 30

Then I set sign reverse parameter for Leaf2 and create calculated key figure with multiplayer based on sign attribute (KF2) and then I create one more calculated key figure which is equal KF1*KF2:

Node1: KF1 = 200, KF2 = 1, KF3 = 200

Leaf1 : KF1 = 100, KF2 = 1, KF3 = 100

Leaf2 : KF1 = 70, KF2 = -1, KF3 = -70

Leaf3 : KF1 = 30, KF2 = 1, KF3 = 30

So you can see that in KF3 I get KF1 * KF2 but I want to get sum of KF3 from leafs, KF3 = 100-70+30=60.

Can anybody advise me what wrong with my query?

I can see that in help of SAP they got the same result ( ). Is it mean that sign reversal just for view and almost useless because it can’t be used for create any reports like indirect cash flow?

WBR, Andrey.

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Hi Andrey,

for your KF3 what calculation mode is set for results?

Set it to summation.