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The "System Administration" menu is not displayed on the portal

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Colleagues, I ask advice.

We have a three-system portal landscape based on SAP NetWeaver 7.50.
On the test portal I can not visualize (display) the menu "System Administration".
There is a menu on the development portal and on the productive portal.

What I tried:

  1. Logged in as Administrator
  2. Added a superadmin role to the user (Super Admin - pcd: portal_content / / administrator / super_admin /
  3. Adds the role of the system administrator (System Admin - pcd: portal_content / / administrator / system_admin /
  4. Added all roles and groups found by templates *adm, adm*, *adm*.

Nothing helps.
What could be the problem?
I will be grateful for any hint.

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Answers (6)


Have you tried using a SAP Standard Framework Page to see if it's visible? I would also run a PCD and UME check if the issue remains using the SAP Framework:


PCD check: #2225655

UME Check: #1016283

Before doing any repair tasks DB backup is mandatory!



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As you mentioned that System admin menus are not displayed correctly, with regards to that refer the below KBA and check if you are facing the similar issue or not ?

1734762 - Knowledge Management and Collaboration missing in System Configuration [VIDEO],

can you provide me with the below info if issue is still faced, so that I can assist you further :

- Provide a Screenshot of the working and a non working scenario, so that I can check the missing menus

- Is the issue user/browser specific ? Or happening with all ?


Santarshi Samanta

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Friends, thank you all!
It turned out that this is a mistake in the code of our portal programmers. In the classic form the interface menu item "Systems Administration" is.

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I Re-created the user, under which the menu "Administration of content" did not appear. The menu has appeared. I can breathe more freely. At least I returned to the starting point.

But the problem of displaying the menu "System Administration" has not yet been resolved.

On Monday I will try to reload the portal. Maybe it's just some kind of system failure. Also, while I'll study the notes you specified.

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I found the right place through the PCD, changed the parameter from true to false, but nothing has changed. What else should I do to restore the tab "Admin" view and the "Content Administration" menu?

Pcd --> portal_content --> --> administrator --> super_admin --> = false

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Many thanks, Santarshi, that they decided to help me.

1. The "System Administration" menu bar is not displayed at all. She does not. Therefore, in the menu "System Administration" I can not go at all.

2. I looked at the note. All the required checkboxes were included.

This is how the menu bar should be visible:

Here so at me on a problem portal (top left):

Please note that the "System Administration" menu bar there is on the preview.
Tried to turn on and off the visibility of the menu. Did refresh. Did not help.

For preview it works:

3. Theres about the worst.
I tried to turn on the "Super Administrator" menu display in the menu structure as a top-level menu. See the screenshot.

When I log in at as administrator, tab "Admin" is, but there is no Content Portal:

On the preview all is well. But after the screen update (F5), I lost not only the entire menu in the browser on the left, but also the menu "Admin" from above. Those. The tab "Admin" through which I came in to administer the contents of the role. Now I do not even know what to do to restore its visibility and to reverse the changes that I made. Please help me to return the tab "Admin"!