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The portal opens a new session in every call to the sap R3

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Hello everybody,

In some of the iViews of our portal we are calling

SAP transactions (iViews of type SAP transaction).

Every time one of this iViews is being called it opens a new session in the R3 (we know that since our system is slow and we can see the logon screen each time).

Can anyone tell me if this is the normal stat for using this transaction iViews.

or is there a way to make the portal use the same SAP R3 session as long as we are in the same session in the portal?

Thanks for any information,


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This is normal. if you use webgui or ITS, DSM terminator will automatically close the session.

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Hi Arul Raja,

thanks for your response.

1) I'm using SAP GUI for windows.

2) is there a way to leave the session open?

thanks, Adi.

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If I understand correctly you are asking whether it is possible to pool SAP GUI (DIAG) sessions. No, as far as I know it isn't possible to pool DIAG sessions. Pooling is implemented for RFC sessions, for example in the Java Connector (JCo). Pooling is also implemented in ITS (AGate) so maybe you should look into using Webgui (SAP GUI for HTML) transactions, assuming that Webgui can be used for your scenario (browser based transactions differ from the native SAP GUI ones).

As long as you don't close the SAP GUI session, the connection to the backend will remain open. If you are running a SAP GUI session inside the browser navigating away from the transaction corresponds to one closing the SAP GUI session.