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The Introscope Enterprise Manager cannot found Diagnostic Agent - SAP Solution Manager 7.2

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I have installed Diagnostic Agent and connect to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and Trusts this Diagnostic Agent. by the way the Introscope EM already install and running. After that I have change the password for user 'Admin' and 'Guest' of The Introscope EM. When I return to Discover Introscope EM - Mandatory Configuration - Step 4. Define CA Introscope, the issue happens with the error as the picture below that the Diagnostic Agent was not found, The Diagnostic Agent still running and being trust before and after re-install the Introscope EM.

For more information, I have installed Introscope EM with user Diagnostic Agent OS user and giving it permission to Read and Write to path /use/sap/ccms/apmintroscope.

Could everyone have any solution for this issue?
By the way, I want to know How Introscope finding the Diagnostic Agent?


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Hi Hao,

Is hard to troubleshoot whiteout looking the logs but I try my best.

1.Check the status of the Diagnostic Agent process on the server where it is installed.

-If it is not running, start it and try to connect to the Introscope EM again.

-Verify that the connection between the Diagnostic Agent and the Introscope EM is still valid.

2.Check the connection settings in the Introscope EM to ensure that the correct hostname and port number are being used.

-Check the configuration settings in the Diagnostic Agent to ensure that it is still configured to connect to the correct Introscope EM.

-Verify that the trust relationship between the Diagnostic Agent and SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is still valid.

DA stop:
cd /usr/sap/DAC/SMDA97/exe
$stopsap SMDA97

Register/configure the host:

cd /usr/sap/DAC/SMDA97/script:
./ managingconf hostname:"sapms://" port:"8103"

DA Start:
cd /usr/sap/DAC/SMDA97/exe
$startsap SMDA97

Check the last log detail error if there is any:
ls /usr/sap/DAC/SMDA97/SMDAgent/log/ |head -20

Fixing permission :
chmod -R 775 /usr/sap/ccms/apmintroscope/sap

chmod -R 775 /usr/sap/ccms/apmintroscope

chmod -R 775 /usr/sap/ccms/apmintroscope/config/

Make sure to find the last log and check the detail error.

If you are looking for the latest Introscope logs follow below and check the latest log:

ls /usr/sap/ccms/apmintroscope/logs |head -20

3.Check the trust settings in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to ensure that the Diagnostic Agent is still trusted.

-If the trust relationship has been broken, re-establish it by following the appropriate steps in the SAP documentation.

-Verify that the user accounts for the Introscope EM have the correct permissions:

The path I had was an example, yours might be different.

SAP Notes:

2627272 - How to deploy / Install / Update Introscope :

2790298 - User Management activity of Define CA Introscope fails with lack of authorization:

1862333 - Common Host Agent issues displayed in Agent Administration:

Introscope Troubleshooting:


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hi Hao,

please check the status of your connected agents http://<fqdn>/smd/AgentAdmin

fqdn is your java stack with http port or https

if your DAA is working well you should see it there. otherwise you need to do smdsetup on command line with daaadm

if you can see it in agentadmin so please also have a look at the previous steps in solman_setup of infrastructure prep, system prep , there should also be a step where you connect the DAA with solution manager.

furthermore if you changed the admin and guest passwords in EM you need to adjust this in your screenshot under user management

if your daa working well you can also have a look at this note first

1757260 - Configure CA Wily Introscope fails with 'path not found' or 'path /usr/sap/ccms/apmintroscope does not exist' - SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2


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You may also need to check latest patches available for lm-services component or Introscope manager.