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The IDoc logging user name changed from SAP_WFRT to ROFI_*

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Hi Experts,

We have CREMAS IDoc between two systems. It was working fine and the receiving system receiving the IDoc with the logging user name as SAP_WFRT as this interface is based on WF processes. 

It's suddenly changed or replaced with ROFI_* user that impacting the IDocs to failure process with an error 'No authorization check not successful'. 

We have no clue that how this has been happened and we checked other responsible system members (Basis admin, Security and CPI).

So I need your help to share your comments and points that helps me to investigate in the system how this has been happened? OR to take to the concerned team.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you already check for change in RFC remote destination definition, WE20 Partner Profile definition immed/background and in second case scheduled background jobs?

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HI Raymond_giuseppi , thanks for your answer and sorry for the delay in replying. The outbound RFC (between source and CPI) was modified by the basis admin member without any information to other teams that impacted the process. It's resolved. Thanks.