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the hidden columns of wrokbook will appear when refresh the workbook

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I create a query,the query has 3 columns,

Fields Name: Col_A, Col_B, Col_C

Fields Value: 1001.....001 ... X

I want to connect the Col_B and Col_C, so I add a column Col_D, like this:

Fields Name: Col_A, Col_B, Col_C, Col_D

Fields Value: 1001 ... 001 .. ..X .... ..001X

and then I hidden Col_B and Col_C in the excel. save the query as a workbook.

When I open the workbook,and refresh it,the hidden Col_B and Col_C were appear.

PLZ tell me how to hide the columns Col_B and Col_C, If I refresh the workbook,they will be hidden either.

My BEX Analyzer version is BI AddOn 7.x(based on 7.10), Support package 8, Revison 1408.


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Edited by: Bruce Wang on Jul 26, 2010 11:29 AM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you are trying to hide column at workbook level usinf excel funtionallity then it will not work.

Either you may do the same at Query designer level or You need to write VB Macro for the same.

I hope it will help.



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The analzer 3.X can do it,but the 7.1 can't do.

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Hi Bruce,

If you have hide the column in Workbook then why can't you hide the column in the query itself?

If you have some macro running based on the value of this column, then whenever you refresh the workbook you might be running the VBA macro there. If yes, put the code to hide that particular column in your macro all the time.

- Danny

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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had been solved,tks

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Hello Bruce,

As mentioned by others.

If it is possible, try to hide these two columns in the query designer.

If there are few calculaions need to be done in excel with these fields, then include a macro to the hide these columns.

You need to include the code to hide these columns to the exit macro 'call back'.

Hope this helps.