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The extraction program does not support object 0JOB_ATTR

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HI all,

I'm getting the following error when execting 0JOB_ATTR extractor in R/3 system (via RSA3):

The extraction program does not support object 0JOB_ATTR

Message no. R3009


The application program for the extraction of data was called up using the invalid InfoSource/invalid InfoObject 0JOB_ATTR.

System Response

The data extraction is terminated.


Check the SAP Support Portal for the appropriate Notes and create a customer message if necessary.

I've found various threads with this error (or similar ones), but none of them are solved (or not published solution). Haven't found any SAP notes yet either, so any input would be very helpfull.

Thank you.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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0JOB_ATTR not in use and SAP replaced this with 0EC_CJOB_ATTR... U have to use 0EC_CJOB_ATTR to load master data for 0JOB.

Even i faced the same problem and found the following info in one of the SDN thread, and we are using 0EC_CJOB_ATTR (make sure u have data in table HRP5050).

I have sent a message to SAP asking for the solution . Below is the reply what they gave.

"This error appears because of naming conventions we have to switch the name of the Data Source from 0JOB_ATTR to 0EC_CJOB_ATTR. Please use this data source to extract the compensation job attributes to BW.

Note also that data source 0EC_CJOB_ATTR extracts data from table HRP5050.

If no data is being extracted please do the following:

If you have data in HRP5050 and still do not get any data please try the following :

1) Take over the Data Source from the business content (RSA5)again and check in RSA3 .

2) Replicate the Data Source to BW

3) Activate the Info Source again.

4) Delete any previous delta initializations for the datasource.

5) Initialize the delta again

6) Try to load data".

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