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The ERP instance status is unknown. How can I fix this?

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I've created an AWS account on Wednesday, Nov 5th, and created a "SAP ERP powered by SAP Hana" instance on shortly after.

This produced an error indicating that AWS wasn't prepared to create the instance before having checked my account.

The message indicated I should wait 2 hours and retry.

View image: sap on hana on aws doesnt start

I suspended the (BI?) instance that same evening.

Today, Nov 10th, activating the instance on does not produce the desired result:

View image: ERP Instance has status activated dash unknown

In the instance properties dialog only the IP address for the SBOP BI Platform 4.1 is shown, the IP address for the ERP instance is missing.

How can I fix this?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Marc,

You may terminate this instance and create a new one from scratch.

Best regards,


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