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texting customers smart phones

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Can any tell me what I need to do, to be able to send a text message to customer's smart phones?

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It should be as easy as sending an email. Check out this link for carrier info...



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I tried using Clickatell but they seemed confused when it came to sending texts to international numbers.  We ended up going with Twilio and their system works well.  My only complaint is that their monthly support fee is crazy expensive (and apparently not optional).  They jacked up their costs AFTER we spent a lot of money on development to use them.

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Just search for "sms via web service gateway".

Often you can also use such a gateway to send PDFs as FAX.



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Here is an example using Clickatell. Any provider that supports HTTP Post would be similar.

public function boolean wf_sendsms (string as_phonenbr, string as_message, ref string as_response);// send sms message

OLEObject objHTTP

String ls_API, ls_User, ls_Pass, ls_From, ls_URL

ls_API  = "*****"

ls_User = "*****"

ls_Pass = "*****"

ls_From = "*****"

objHTTP = Create OLEObject

If objHTTP.ConnectToNewObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP") < 0 Then

   Return False

End If

ls_URL  = ""

ls_URL += "api_id=" + ls_API + "&user=" + ls_User

ls_URL += "&password=" + ls_Pass + "&from=" + ls_From

ls_URL += "&to=1" + as_phonenbr + "&text=" + as_message

objHTTP.Open("POST", ls_URL, False)

objHTTP.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml")


as_Response = objHTTP.responseText


Destroy objHTTP

Return True

end function

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Hi Roland,

I have a couple of questions on our answer.

The public function wf_sendsms does not seem to come in play with what is below it at all. Is this what i think is a free solution to sending out text messages to cell phones, but with limitations to within the US and the more common cell phone carriers?

I looked up clickatell. This seems to be an all inclusive more complex method to sending out text messages all around the world that involves buying credits to pay for the charges to sending out these text messages. This would indicate I would have to have each customer versed and instructed how they need to purchase credits to pay for the text messages that they send out.

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We use it to communicate with workers in the field, in the lower 48 US only. We pay to maintain an account with Clickatell. I don't think your original post mentioned that your app is run by your customers.

In my code, the asterisks are where the account information is specified. It is doing an HTTP post of the text message to the Clickatell website. They then send out the message. One of the parameters is a phone number that is the "from number". If the person replies to the text, the reply is posted back to a web script on our website.

The only free method I know of requires you to know the carrier of the cell phone. Check out this page: Martin Fitzpatrick.

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You will need a 3rd party product or webservice for this. PB can easily make a call to an external service or dll for this purpose.

There were various blog articles in the past but these have fallen off the web. I'm sure some of the regular people on here will jump in with some ideas.

I don't have a solution I can point you to right now.