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My customer needs a dimension's dependent "text table" on their story

as it changes based on at least 2 dimension I cannot create an attribute on my SKU dimension

for example:

I tryed the following - I created new accounts, set them in a table and add comments.

my next step was to hide the value column - as it's irrelevant


1. it wont let me enter a comment of there's no value (see below)

2 I've inserted a formula on my account dimension "=1" but it say that it won't enter a value when the value is a formula

is there any other way?


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Answers (2)

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Not sure if this would work but you can try assigning a numeric value to each of those Safety and Curve values and use two accounts to post those values to system. Then use Measure based dimension to classify this numeric values back to the required text values. See an example below. I have used numeric value 0 for Not safe and 1 for Safe. The same can be done for Curve values also. Once done the actual column with numeric values can be hidden.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi dd5,

I believe data point comment is NOT suitable(best fit) for your requiement here. Please reach out to me via email, we may discuss on further options.

Best regards, William