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Text symbols in BOR

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I am using the FM 'SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1' for sending mails in workflow.

For this purpose I have created a method in the BOR and its being called instead of a Standard Send MAil step.

The reason for using this FM instead of the Standard Send mail step is that , I need to send a hyperlink which is around 250 chars long.This cannot be achieved through the standard mail step.

I am passing the hyperlink and the mail content in literals to the variables which forms the body of the email.

My question is that instead of using literals (which give me errors in the Code inspector check), is there a facility like Text symbols in the BOR. Or any other way I can replace those literals.

Many thanks in advance !

Thanks and Regards,

Ameya Kulkarni

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Answers (3)

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Hi Ameya

If you are working in ECC 6.0, I would suggest to use classes for sending a mail which will reduce complexity of the development .



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Hi. I agree with Karri Kemp.

I prefer to use FM to send mail or any other type of codifications.

OR, if you prefer, why don't you store the LINK in another table and simply get it by a selection into a local variable ? I think it's a good way to maintain links. Because in future if this link change its address, you don't need the ABAP. You can store this link in a table accessed by SM30 and asks to key user or functional to maintain it. You can create a transaction to call this table like parameter transaction type.

Some times it's a good practice maintaining some values inside a table which a key user can maintain the values and don't need ABAP when it has any change. BUT it can help you with this case of LINK having more than 70 characters.

best regards.


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Why don't you just include your code into a function module or method, and then call it from your BO method? The coding in the business objects is a bit awkward, and I would keep all the coding inside those as minimum as possible. For example in functions you can maintain the text elements, etc. This is not an answer to your question, but worth to consider.