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text box truncation on last line

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Bug Report.

I'm using CR for VS2013 (v13.0.9 but this also happens in 13.0.13).

My report has an auto grow text box that truncates the last word on the last line if it is just long enough in justified mode.

If left or default mode each line can be truncated in the last word on the line.

This was not a problem in the Seagate version of Crystal Reports.

I've tried changing the justification, as mentioned above, as well as deleting and re-adding the database field as well.

The work around on the web is to set the field to be justified, but this does not work as I mention above.

By truncation, I mean if the word "truncate" is the last word in the line and there's not enough room, exceeds the width of the text box, only "trun" for example, appears on the line rather than moving the whole word to the next line.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi William,

Modify the text box and under the Paragraph Tab set the right margin to .7 and see if that helps.

It's due to how usp10 and gdi and gdiplus render the objects in .NET. At this time we still depend on version 1.4 of usp10 but we do plan to update to version 1.6 in the next major build process update.


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That does seem to solved the truncation problem.

Now the problem is a box we've manually drawn around the text box doesn't neatly fit around the text. There's a .7 in gap between the text and the box on the right side.

If I do 1) extend the text box to .7 right of the box/page margin, will that work? 2) use the text box formatting box, will that leave the .7 in gap as well?


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Have you tried just turning on the borders for the textbox itself?  Right-click on the textbox, select "Format Text", go to the Borders tab and then set each border to a single line.


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Hi Dell,

That was my #2 above.

Since writing my reply, I've been trying a few things.

I think #1 would work but it is not desired as the text box would extend off the page making it difficult to work with. #2 doesn't work as the right border of the box is .7 in from the right margin of the text.

What I decided on is a third option to move the right border of the separate surrounding box .7 in in to the left. Now it bounds the text correctly.


P.S. I can't wait until this bug is fixed to avoid these kind of gymnastics!

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