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Test environement

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I have studied NWDS for 2 weeks.

To test my program (either Web Dynpro or J2EE),

I have to deploy to NWAS first.

Since NWAS require many resources (i.e., minimum 1GB memory for 2004s),

I wonder if every developer MUST have NWAS locally to test his program.

Isn't there any small J2EE engine embedded in NWDS such as Oracle's JDeveloper.

Moreover, can I have any clues of minimizing resouces consumed by NWAS,

such as minimizing memory used, stop components that is not necessary for debugging, etc.?


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It's not mandatory to have a separate WebAS for every developer, although that has many advantages.

There is no small J2EE Engine included. NWDS is a modified Eclipse 2.0 with additional plugins.

Search SDN with for example "tuning WebAS".

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Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your fast reply.

I followed your advice searching documents for tuning Web AS.

I found that I can specify startup mode of a J2EE application

by specifying it in application-j2ee-engine.xml.

I tried setting it by adding the following entry under <application-j2ee-engine>.

<start-up mode="lazy" />

Even NWDS (version 7.0.07) shows error in outline window,

I can deploy the application.

However, confirming from Visual Admin,

the value of "Startup Mode" displayed at Addition Info tab of "Web Container" service

still is "ALWAYS".

Am I doing anything wrong?

(I use NetWeaver 2004s SP7)


Can I change "Startup Mode" of already-deployed application without redeploy it?

Visual Admin seems always show it in read-only manner.