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Tell us about your Crystal Reports support environment and plans

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Currently, I'm running a report developed with the following environment
However, for window11 development, I need to increase the dotnet version to dotnet5~9.
Currently, the report is heavily developed, so I have to use reporttool.
In conclusion, can you tell me when dotnet 5~9 will be supported or give me a link if I didn't find it?
I really need your help, thank you.

Current development environment
crystal report : sp32 version
OS : window10 , window11
ide : VS2022

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One way around this limitation (no current/future support for .NET Core) is to keep the Crystal generation portion of the app as .NET 4.8, add an API to it, and call that API from your .NET 5+ app.

Some 3rd-party Crystal Reports Viewers and 3rd-party Crystal Reports automation tools already provide such API. Ken Hamady maintains a listing of 3rd-party tools here.