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Technology Stack Upgrade Only (to SP11)

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Hi Team,

I looked at the forum and found some information regarding the Support Pack level necessary for the new features of WDA. We are on SP07 2004S release and want to do a "Technical Upgrade to SP11" so that we can use the new features of WDA framework and get rid of Short Dumps, JavaScript errors, and enable proper Adobe Integration . The catch here is that we don't want to upgrade our core business functionality and keep that to the current level, BUT only want to upgrade the technology stack to SP11.

Specific Questions:

1) Is it possible to only upgrade the Technology stack by applying SP11 (without impacting the core business functionality)? My understanding was that; SAP has separated the technology layer from the business layer in NetWeaver Platform. In light of that, it looks like, we should be able to upgrade the technology stack separately. Is there a specific download for this technical upgrade?

2) Is it possible to only upgrade the BC-WDA component to SP11?

I looked at some similar forum posts and could not find answers to these questions . Please guide us in correct direction so that we don't take an incorrect approach to start with. Thanks a lot for your time and dedication.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The support packages involved for WDA are



however technically it is possible for this code to also be dependent on the

equivalent kernel in the SP11 release.

Secondly, SAP may ask you to apply all support packs for a SP level if you encounter problems in say an Application area.

It is for these inter relationship reasons and the number of constellations possible that SAP introduced stacks. It is the stack that is tested by SAP. Not other combinations. So basically you patch half an SP somewhat at you own risk.

I would NOT expect many issues with applying JUST SAP_ABA

SAP_BASIS, but if you do have issues, the rest of the stack may be forced upon you. I would NOT recommend this approach in PRD at all. Only temporarily in DEV where you would expect to load the rest of the SP at some stage.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks Thomas,

I'll ask the PMO office to contact SAP Support. Since you have not said "NO" to the first question, I'm still hopeful if we can get a SP11 for software Component "SAP_BASIS" only. I guess the business functionality resides in SAP_APPL component. Thanks again for clarification on question 2. We are sure now that WDA cannot be upgraded separately.


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Hello Sanjay,

Let me quickly answer the questions:

1) Best is to contact SAP support directly to get a definite answer.

2) Definitely not possible as WDA relies on other Netweaver functionality that needs to be at the same SP level. WDA is not a software component on its own, but part of the SAP_BASIS one.

Best regards,