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Technical error when extracting time data in HR: IS 0003 locked

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Hi Everybody,

Recently a problem occured in the 0HR_PT_3 business content extraction in my customers system. This extractor has been working fine for 2 years now.

The BW system is a 3.5 system. We extract using delta mode.

A week ago there was an error in a delta extraction from this extractor, but the message only said "error in OLTP". We repeated the delta, no records but everything ok. Then we started a manual delta and we had records.

The day after we had the same problem but when we strated the manual delta agein an error occured in the source system:

"Technical error when extracting time data in HR: IS 0003 locked"


Error No.: 14

I have been looking for soma SAP Notes, but I found no matches..

Anyone with the same problem...and a solution?

Many Thanks,


Edited by: Christophe Posson on Dec 28, 2007 11:18 AM

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Forget was locked by a previous job still running since a couple of days