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TDMS background jobs

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Dear experts,

I've met with following issue:

When processing the phase of "Determine Tables to be Excluded from the Export" in shell creation, the status of the job is always displayed as green flag (Blank), which should be shown as "execution successfully completed".

The actions I've taken:

1. I've checked the background job via SM37, related backgournd job is released, however, it's always been delayed. Well, I'm not quite sure about the reason of delay... So I deleted the job. However, the job is still shown as been scheduled in process tree.

2. Then, I executed the report CNV_TDMS_13_SHELL_EXPORT_EXCTB mannually in SE38.

3. After that, the status of job in process tree was shown as "execution successfully completed".

The question is, can I take the above steps to accellerate the export job process?

Besides, when I performed the next step "Export Exclude Tables", the same issue has been detected. However, job status cannot be shown as "execution successfully completed" in process tree after I've finished the mannual report execution.

Thanks, Jett

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jett

It is not recommended to execute the underlying reports (for concerned activities) directly, except by SLO consultant. This is so because execution of an activity does not only executes the underlying report but also handles many other actions like status, log handling etc, which may not happen if the report is executed direcly.

General TDMS users are recommended to execute the activities from the process tree. Job being in the released state for long time may be system issue rather than a TDMS issue. So incase an activity is executed from the process tree but remains in the released state for long time without getting executed then we will recommend you to seek help from SAP support.



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