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Taxonomy Attribute value not getting automapped

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Hi Experts!

I am importing a taxonomy data of form - * MAT_VEDIN





Where MAT_VEDIN is Class, CLZS_RDP is attribute and V is the attribute value.

Now,In my mapping I have a XML which holds value V,E or D.

CLZS_RDP is Plant dependent Attribute for 16 different Plants,so 16 different attribute names which I decide and hold in one MDM field.

So I have a field holding value CLZS_RDP mapped to Class attribute/value pair in destination.



I mapped MAT_VEDIN with Class name.

The problem is the xmls are goin in exception and manual import is happening but automatic is not.

Am I missing something,Please guide!

Thanks in advance!


Edited by: Ravi Verma on Mar 21, 2011 5:45 AM

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There is a setting in configuration options for value mapping during MDIS (import server), perhaps that is the issue?

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Hi Harrison,

Thanks for small but vital input.The problem is solved now.

The issue was i did not maintain the setting mentioned here

I had the oppurtunity of woking with you in 2006-07 for major Business transformation project,its nice to hear from you again