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Tasks go Missing

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I have some users set up as Team Room members who can create tasks that aren't visible to the person they sent the task to and aren't visible in their own tracking task list.

The tasks are being created as I can see them appearing in Content Admin > Workflow Content > Work Items / Workflow Tasks search tool.

I don't think it's permissions as users have same role and group config.

Anyone know possible reasons? Anyone know where these items are stored in DB so I can check what's getting written back so maybe i can debug / figure this out. Very frustrating!!



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Answers (1)

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I had a similare problem. I solved it by giving the room owner full access via room administration. (login as a user with the room administration option, filter to the room you want, click the check box next to it and click set full access...this will give the room owner full access and somehow fixed the problem for me).